Top 10 ways to get more views on YouTube

Top 10 ways to get more views on YouTube
How to get more views on YouTube? We all want to get more views on our YouTube videos for personal reasons, business or professional reasons.

10. Send link of your video to your contacts
Send your videos to your contacts to help you grow your audience.

9. Collaborate with other YouTubers
Collaborate with other YouTubers. Other YouTubers will help you to increase views on your video.

8. Embed video on your Blog/Website
Embed your videos on your blog or website to increase the amount of views on your video.

7. Make interesting video
Try to make more interesting videos on your channel to get more views.

6. Add keywords
Add keywords related to your video for example if your video is related to a celebrity try to add words related to that celebrity include it in your description.

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