How to read hands – palmistry

How to read hands – palmistry
Hand reading, Palm reading, also known as palmistry. In the world palmistry is widely used and practiced. The main aim of palmistry is to describe person’s character, nature, life span etc. In this post we will guide you how to read anyone’s palm.

First you need know which hand you’re going to read. Means for males you have to read right hand to know his life, nature, character etc. And for females you have to read left hand. So choose properly.

Now you need to know some line like The Life line,
The Heart line,
The Head line,
The fate line,
The health line,
The success line etc.

All lines helps to know about a person.

Get to know about all lines and which line starting from where and ends where. This line can be read in either direction (from the pinkie finger to the index finger or vice versa) depending on the tradition being followed.

The Line of Head
The Line of Head reveals the basic mentality, cognitive abilities, and insanity. Abnormalities on this line show periods of mental stress and/or brain conditions.

The Line of Heart
Also called the Mensal, this line shows the strength and condition of the heart, and the basis for emotional relationships. Abnormalities tell of emotional difficulties.

The Line of Life
The Life Line indicates the Vitality or “Life Force” of the individual. Irregularities show a weakening of this vitality.

The Line of Mars
Also called the Inner Life Line, the Line of Mars does not appear on all hands. When present, it adds strength to the Life Line, allowing the subject to overcome apparently insurmountable odds.

The Line of Fate
Sometimes called the “Career Line” or “Destiny Line”, the Line of Fate reveals not only the major events and occupation of the individual, but also the strength of their belief in (or denial of) pre-destination and fate.

The Line of Health
Each Line of Health reveals a different ailment afflicting the person. It is common to find up to 5 Health Lines on the hand, but it is best if this line is not present.

The Line of Success
Also called the Line of Apollo, this line tells of brilliance. When present, the creative drive of the individual will assist them greatly in furthering their ambitions.

The Line of Marriage
The Line of Marriage does not show the actual ceremony of marriage, but indicates a very strong emotional bond to another person. Most people have between 1-3 marriage lines on their hands.