How to overcome fear

How to overcome fear

Everyone has some or the other type of fear. Many people have fear of fire, water, insects etc.
But sometimes fears may hold you back from living life normally. Here are some ways by which you can overcome your fear.

1. Determine what is your fear
Determine what your fear is because it is the first and most important thing to overcome fear. Note down what your fears are.

2. Try to note how your fear affects your life
If you have fear of public speaking or talking to people this fear may affect your life seriously.
Take down notes on how you fears hold you back from doing anything.

3. What benefits can you get by overcoming your fear
Decide how overcoming your fear will change your life. If overcoming your fears will help you to have a life better than you can use this as a motivation to overcome fear.

4. Face your fear
If you face your fears constantly you won’t feel scared as you used to.

5. Get help
Get help from people who don’t have the fear you have they will help you to overcome fear.