how to kiss

How to kiss

Through kiss you can express your love to other, but if you are not a good kisser then, it’s hard to do it. If you don’t know then we’ll help you on how to kiss?

First if you want to kiss someone (girl/guy), you need to drop some hints for him/her (like – looking your partners lip, bite your bottom lip; make your lip more appealing).

Give some romantic compliments to your partner. Create romantic mood. You can say anything like you’re so beautiful, your eyes drive me crazy, I love to see your smile etc.

If all seems fine then you can start with small kiss (Kiss break), means you can kiss her/him for 2-3 second (If you get positive response then you can go for this option else try next one).

If it looks like nothing is working out and you’re not get some positive response then you can ask your partner directly, I’d love nothing more than to kiss you right now, I’m sorry if this is too forward, but I’d really like to kiss you.

Now the last and final step go for kiss. Your partner is ready you can kiss her/him.

Note: When you’re going for kiss you need to check out this some points like,
Keep your lips soft,
Prepare your mouth (Brush and clean your mouth, try mouthwash),
Don’t rush,
Stay at a manageable level of saliva,
Test using tongue,
Do a few soft kisses,
Try different types of kiss (If you don’t know types of kisses, you can click here).

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