How to become rich

Hey guys welcome to my post. Today I’m going to show you how to become rich. Many if you search how to become rich, how to become rich fast, how to become rich fastest way and many more. We all want money, and for leave better life than you are living now you need lot more money than you have now, so how you got that much money? There is no secret technique or any fast way to become a rich. Many of us want to earn fast, but earning money fast is not good way. Always you’re in trouble if you choose fastest way to become a rich. I’ll show you good and better way to become rich, its take some time but you will be rich that for sure.
First set target which goal you want to reach for example take a simple goal like you want to earn 1 Mil USD ($ 1,000,000)(I cannot assure you that you’ll earn this amount in one day, one week, one month and one year). Take one paper and write you have to earn 1 Mil USD, and stick where you see this target every day (I don’t know what you’re doing right now, you’re a business man, you’re an employee, or you’re a student). Let’s start real plan to get rich.
I show you 2 best ways to become a rich.
Start your own business
Internet Income

Online income

Online income

Business: If you want to choose a business option good idea, but starting business needs lot of things like which business is best for you, you have any experience about that business, you have enough capital, Work force, Best place for your business, important contacts, and most important among all RISK, are you ready to take RISK. If you’re ready with this then we can go ahead. First think which thing you can do best, or which thing you like most, write all of it. Choose few best among them for example if you are good in sketching, cooking, baseball, dancing etc. Choose best like cooking and dancing; now search in your area (market), how many dancing classes located in market, and restaurant, food stalls located in market, made a list because you’re going to compete them, so whichever number is low to compete you can go for it. Because low in numbers means low competition and high chances to survive.
Once you have all detail about what I said, you can visit these places and look what they have best about the restaurant/ dance class. Now think what you can do best to attract more customer than them. If you’re ready with this plan. Choose one best location for your business. Plan budget according to it. Start a business (if you have more doubt which is suitable location for your business, where you can arrange capital you can see how to start business post, leave comment, or you can contact me by visiting contact us page). Always think positive about your business, in first six months you can give new offers to attract more visitors/ customers.
Internet Income
Guys you know very well Internet is good mode of business, entertainment, time pass etc. And also internet is source of Income too. You can start earnings from Internet. So you have doubt how you can make money from internet, I’ll teach you how? First you need an Internet connection LOL…. Without any Internet connection this is not possible (joke) and you need a computer. If you have both of it and I’m sure you have both of it. You can create blogs, website, and video and put it on YouTube. First think which thing you want to do, like if you have good knowledge and experience you can share it with all world by creating interesting blogs, If you’re good source of entertainment then you can create a website and you can start posting jokes, funny pics, funny videos etc. Or You can create YouTube account and create videos like prank, comedy, how to, teaching, knowledge etc. Blogs and YouTube is free of cost and you can start earnings with no investment, but Website you need to invest some money for buying domains and for hosting. Once you have done with a good url and hosting plan you can proceed ahead and create a good website.

Through this two options you cannot get rich in one day or one month but in year I’m damn sure you’ll have money and respect that you want, and in two/three years you’re successful person.

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