how to be good friend

How to be a good friend
Being a good friend never an easy. But we’ll help you on how to be a good friend with boys, girls. Taking the time to nurture a lasting friendship is worth every ounce of effort.

Be a trustworthy person. Don’t ever make a promise that you can’t keep. If you promise for something make sure you’re able to keep your promise.

Be a dependable person. Being dependable is one of the most important aspects of being a good friend. Especially in hard times your friend will need you for support. Nobody likes a fake, and nobody wants one for a close friend.

Give apology when you make mistakes. Don’t feel shy to say sorry, because everyone make mistakes. If you want your friends to trust you, then you can’t act like you’re flawless. If you know you’ve made a mistake, own up to it instead of being in denial.

Be an honest person. If you want to be a good friend and to have people trust you, then you have to be honest about your feelings, about your friends’ actions, and about how you feel about your friendship.

Don’t use your friendship for your personal use. Don’t use peoples.

Be loyal person. If your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it and don’t talk about it with anyone else, just as you’d expect your friend to do for you. Don’t discuss your friend behind his or her back, and don’t spread rumours about the confidences they’ve imparted to you.

Respect your friends. Being a respectful person is good. Good friends show respect for each other by being openly and mutually supportive.