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Top 10 ways to flirt

How to Flirt All men want to master the art of flirting. All men want to flirt like professional with their crush. Here are some ways by which you can flirt with girl you like. 10. Keep it simple Keep the conversation simple don’t

how to live a good life

how to live good life “Love everything and everyone in your life and neighborhood. Don’t listen to the negative comments others make. Help the most needed in your community because it will bring happiness to your soul; and your soul would be a good

how to make decisions

how to make a decision We make many decisions every day. Everything we say and do is the result of a decision, whether we make it consciously or not. For every choice, big or small, there’s no easy formula for making the right decision.

How to make chicken lollipop

How to make chicken lollipop Chicken lollipop is one of the favorite chicken dishes of many people. Here are the steps to make it. Ingredients Chicken wings, vinegar, salt, chili powder, garlic paste, ginger paste, red food color, cornstarch, oil, soya sauce, Tomato ketchup

How to be famous

How to be famous Many people on the internet want to be famous on the internet. However there are many ways to be famous on the internet. Here are some ways to be famous on the internet. 1. Decide why you want to be

how to be brave

How to be a Brave Do you want to be more courageous? Bravery isn’t something you’re born with – you acquire it over time as you gain life experiences. You can practice being brave by acting on what your heart tells you to do

How to walk with Style

How to walk with Style Have a good body posture Have a good body posture. Many people make the mistake of not standing straight. Standing straight shows confidence. Watch Celebrities how they walk Watch how confidently they walk. See various celebrities and observe how

How to create a meme

1.Check out various memes and decide what type of meme you want to create. 2.Choose what is the tag line of your meme and name it accordingly. 3 .Visit meme sites like memebase, memegenerator to check how people actually create meme. 4. Make sure

how to take good selfies

How to take selfies You want to take selfies. Taking selfies is good idea but you know how to take good selfies. From presidents to Academy Award winners, almost everybody’s doing it. But don’t just point your camera at your face and take a