10 Ways to wash your hair

How to wash hair
This may seem like a simple task, but you would be surprised how many people do it wrong. Washing your hair correctly can keep your scalp free of dandruff, lice and other scalp diseases and give your hair a clean and beautiful look.

1. Completely soak your hair with water by rinsing it for around a minute. Use a medium water temperature that does not burn you because if the water is too hot it will strip your hair of its natural oils which you don’t want to do otherwise your hair will be dry and after a few hot washes when the hair gets dry there will be flyaway.

2. Rub a small amount of the shampoo of your choice (not too much) into the palms of your hands, then massage onto the scalp area of your head. Though this may sound less than imagined, a small amount of shampoo lathers a lot because it spreads evenly throughout your hair, keeping your scalp and every strand clean.

3. Completely rinse your hair until water runs out with no bubbles. This is very important for getting clean hair as not rinsing it out enough may leave a greasy film.

4. There is no need to wash your hair twice with shampoo unless it is extremely dirty.

5. You can use a flat comb (or just use your fingers) and comb out all the knots to make it extra smooth before you use conditioner (optional).

6. Run a desired conditioner through the middle and tips of your hair. Use the same amount or less if your hair is greasy, and use more if your hair is dry or damaged) You can also choose to condition some of your scalp every several days if you want, but only if your hair doesn’t get greasy.You don’t normally condition the scalp because it is the newest hair and it is the most fragile and oily so you don’t need to add extra moisture.

7. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes. About two minutes is good.Leave it on for longer if you have dry or damaged hair. If your hair is really damaged or dry, some people even leave their conditioner on overnight and wash it off in the morning (if you choose to do this make sure you wrap a towel around your hair first).

8. After a few minutes, rinse completely until the water running down the drain has no more suds in it.

9. End with a rinse of icy cold water instead of hot. This will not prevent frizz, as you may think it could, but it will give hair shine. Water acts to “close the pores” of your hair (as it does with skin), so your hair will look shinier when it dries.

10. Dry the hair. If you are towel drying do not rub the hair with the towel as it is damaging to the hair; Instead lightly scrunch and pat your hair. Also, if you can, invest in a T-shirt towel, it prevents damage, and frizz while creating volume, soft, smooth, and more manageable hair. A great choice, the Hair RePair towel, is a thick T-shirt material that wraps easily around your head.