10 Ways to Irritate people

How to Irritate People

There are endless ways to irritate people, whether you want to drive your teacher or your little brother crazy. If you’re prepared to face the consequences, then you should be able to find creative, bizarre, or extremely ridiculous ways to drive the people around you up the wall.

1. Make Weird Noise from your mouth – Irritate People with making weird noise from your mouth.

2. Talk loudly in public. Talking too loudly is a time-tested way of annoying people in public almost anywhere you go.

3. Let your phone make annoying noises. Ah, the phone. Probably the most annoying device you have in your possession.

4. Make Annoying faces. Make some annoying faces and irritate people.

5. Try making conversation with a stranger who is obviously busy. Though you should avoid approaching someone who may lash out at you or get very angry.

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